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The Most Talented College Basketball Players Ever

Readers will find exciting news about talented college basketball players.

In recent weeks, ESPN has identified some of the most exciting prospects in the world of college basketball. You can read about all of these promising up-and-comers, such as:

  • Kordell Stewart
  • Kris Jenkins
  • David Greene
  • Jordan Poole

NCAA Probes Kansas amid Misconduct Claims

Kansas and the NCAA are in the middle of one of the most high-profile fights ever seen.

The college basketball team is alleged to have violated major recruiting rules, so the NCAA is looking into the claims.

This is only one of several important news items that all fans of college basketball should know. The Kansas basketball team has responded by describing the ongoing NCAA probe as ‘harsh.’

Transfers for College Hoops

Most college basketball teams recruit new players almost every season. They need top players on their teams if they are to have any chance of winning titles.

You can stay atop all trending news about college hoop transfers with this guide. Top names are now looking for new homes in college basketball.

For this reason, many colleges will be on the lookout for the best and brightest up-and-coming talents.


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