The overweight college player’s fever with an amazing 3-point basketball shot

For Thomas Lee-a senior overweight and founder of the Jackson State Tiger men’s basketball team-life has changed over the last 24 hours.

The overweight athlete Thomas Lee became a sensation in the American media in the American College Basketball (NCAA) basketball match on March 3. Thomas Lee, who entered the match in the final minutes, finished the match with an amazing 3-point shot. 

The throw from the distance “Curry Line”  in favour of Jackson State Tigers which also set the final score 76-56

Thomas Lee, who entered the field for the first time as a player during his years at the Jackson State Tigers, was given the chance in the final two minutes of the game as the home team led Arkansas-Pine Bluff. With a ranking of 73-46. That was also the moment when the spectators in the gym kept shouting for Thomas Lee ‘s name.

Not only in appreciation of friends as well as college, Thomas Lee was also named “Star of the Week” by SWAC . Thomas Lee, from an overweight student in Jackson County, also known as “Snacks-Snacks,” used to be the school football team boss. The nickname above was given to Thomas Lee because he had often appeared with a bag of treats.

Immediately after the video was released, it received more than 2 million views within a few hours and has so far grown to more than 5 million. Thomas Lee ‘s story has gained a lot of coverage from the online world, the public, and has even touched NBA basketball stars like Kevin Durant. 

On his personal Twitter profile, the Brooklyn Nets soccer star has given this overweight man a new nickname as Snipe (short for Sniper-one of the ways to pronounce the soccer field shooters).

For Thomas Lee, it’s obvious that being the target of the media or the online audience is not an issue for this fat man. The most important thing about himself is not to be disappointed and to try to pursue his dream of playing and being able to fulfill it.