The brightest star was sent off, OKC lost the gap to the Rockets

The referee chose to kick the player out of the field in a collision situation that was not Dennis Schroder’s.

Houston Rockets vs. Oklahoma City Thunder is dedicated to fans of the most compelling round 1 Playoffs. The score for this match is 2-2, so the game 5 hinges brings the survival factor. 

In part, the return of Russell Westbrook makes the Houston Rockets a more valued team. OKC is forced to share his attention with his former player, who benefits James Harden!

Although he didn’t play completely, Schroder still scored the most points for OKC with 19 points

James Harden had 12 points in the first half, helping the Rockets take the lead 24-14. But there was another star on the opposite side of OKC, Dennis Schroder, who scored 18 points in the second half to help OKC shorten the score to 45-48 before half time. 

However, the Rockets are a team with many more outstanding individuals, and at the beginning of the third half it was Eric Gordon’s turn to speak up 8 points in a row. When the distance is extended to 18, OKC also has a big drawback.

The best player on the orange side was in a normal collision with PJ Tucker. He was not the first to initiate, but he was still sent off by the referee, and the outcome was not unpredictable: OKC failed.

“The referee chased out Tucker right away. I wonder if that’s the reason why Schroder has also been sent away. I don’t understand why the referee has made this decision? ” to be said in the recent interview. Nevertheless, OKC didn’t have a strong game, loss was the product of a great deal of injustice to them. With 3-2 in support of the OKC, it is clear that coach Billy Donovan and his students are under great psychological pressure!