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Why didn’t LeBron James sign a deal with Supermax?

LeBron James was one of the greatest NBA stars in the twenty-first century, but he never wanted to sign a supermax deal. 

The Supermax contract is currently named the “Excellent Veterans Renewal Agreement” for only a few top players. Stephen Curry, James Harden, John Wall,… Now it’s Giannis Antetokounmpo, Rudy Gobert, who’s going to do this. 

The Supermax deal requires star players to receive up to 35% of their salaries, and the amount they receive each year after that is raised by 8%. With the compensation fund increasing, the amount of money that players earn is increasing. Usually, Antetokounmpo has just broken an all-time high with a contract of $228 million for five years.

In order to apply for the Supermax contract, players must reach their 9th or 10th season in the NBA, play for the team they have drawn up or for the team they have traded under the rookie contract, and fulfill one of the following conditions. : 

  • Be into the All-NBA roster in the most recent season or in two consecutive seasons previous to the most recent season. 
  • Win the award of Best Defense Player, or two straight seasons until the most recent. 
  • In one of the last 3 seasons, won the MVP award. 

As far as these requirements are concerned, LeBron James has been thoroughly eligible for several years. For 16 straight seasons, the player born in 1984 has always been a member of the All-NBA roster. He has won the MVP award four times in his career.

However, LeBron has never signed a Supermax contract in his lifetime

The explanation is that this form of contract law was only introduced by the NBA in 2017. At the point, James had passed the 14th season, and was no longer able to obtain this offer. 

The Supermax deal, also known as the Kevin Durant Act, was created to help teams keep their players, preventing situations such as the summer of 2016 when the Golden State Warriors were willing to give Durant a flat wage. OKC Thunder. If the Supermax contract had appeared earlier, Durant would have stuck with OKC Thunder, and maybe LeBron James is now dedicating his entire career to Cleveland Cavaliers, but there were no players who had previously refused the Supermax contract.

Lebron James and the start of legendary

LeBron James has come a long way from a child rejected by his father to the American professional basketball legend.

Tales of how persistent LeBron James was and how he conquered the NBA have been around for more than a decade. In the last 10 matches of the NBA Playoffs, LeBron has played in 9 matches. LeBron has won four NBA titles, four Finals MVP titles and four MVP titles.

LeBron was born and raised on the outskirts of Akron. Immediately after birth, Gloria James ‘s mother had to go back to school immediately, leaving LeBron to her grandma. But when James was 3 years old, his grandma died of a stroke.

In her childhood, Gloria did not want to disappear, which was lacking in the family love of her little boy. That’s why the first guy to name LeBron since winning his fourth career championship with the Lakers was Gloria.

What sets LeBron James apart from other high school stars is the maturity of the gameplay. As a star, but LeBron focuses on passes and he still wants his teammates to join. This has to mention the position of coach John Reed.

He was the one who let LeBron know how to be a real basketball player on the team. LeBron has learned to play all the positions on the court. Thanks to that, he knows both the position and the way to look at the game from all angles. 

Many who have been engaging with him since childhood have known that James has been as great as he is today. 

Despite the challenges and struggles of life, LeBron still sees himself as a champion

In the face of obstacles, LeBron is still hopeful. Instead of being crushed by life ‘s bitter and stinging comments, including Dallas Maverick ‘s shameful loss at the 2011 NBA Finals, LeBron continued to press on. Since he still assumes that he is the king and that he will be the final winner.