Latest Basketball News amid Pandemic Crisis

NBA facilities are expected to reopen ‘very soon’ to allow individual players to begin training, especially in areas where there are still coronavirus restrictions. This is a first step to resuming the NBA season that began in 2019.

However, not every team will be able to reopen their training facilities because they won’t be able meet all the required precautions.

Plans to Maintain Players’ Health

Health specialists will be at hand for training sessions, and only limited numbers of players will be allowed to train at the same time.

Before players visit training facilities, they will have to be tested for coronavirus. They will generally be training alone, since coaches won’t be allowed on the field during training sessions.

Requirements for Visiting Training Facilities

According to hearsay, the NBA will soon announce all the requirements that players and clubs must meet, including the importance of sterilising balls.

Players are also banned from training at any facility, but can use arenas associated with their clubs. Moreover, players must wear masks whenever they engage in physical activity, while their temperatures must also be taken before associating with other staff members.

NBA Postpones 2020 Draft

Two former basketball players have died after testing positive for coronavirus.

Now, NBA officials have announced the delay of an upcoming draft lottery, which had originally been slated for May of this year.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the NBA draft has now been pushed back to June 25.

Concluding Remarks

Coronavirus has affected many things, including the activities of the NBA and basketball players.

It’s unfortunate that two former players lost their lives after contracting Covid-19, but the NBA hopes the pandemic will ease following the 2020 draft.

With players training while still wearing masks, it appears the NBA draft will not be pushed back any further, but nothing is certain.