Top College Basketball Coaches

College basketball players thrive when they are provided with skilled and experienced coaches. In fact, many college basketball teams have excelled due to the availability of reliable coaches.

The level of training and coaching that college basketball players receive will determine their performance on the court. For this reason, college basketball teams should consider contracting top coaches.

Numerous gifted basketball coaches have made names for themselves, some of whom are mentioned below.

Leonard Hamilton

If there are basketball coaches you should look at, Leonard Hamilton is certainly one of them. He has a colourful basketball career, and has successfully coached a number of top teams over the years.

In fact, Hamilton has coached at three different schools over the course of his 33 years in the business. He currently looks about 55 years old, but he is actually in his early 70s.

Under his guidance, the Seminoles reached the west regional college basketball finals.

Scott Drew

Drew is a popular coach in the world of college basketball, and is recognised by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). He can coach any college basketball team at the highest level.

Currently, Drew is at the apex of his coaching career. He can boast extensive skill and experience in the field. He has been a basketball coach for 18 seasons, won 12 major titles, and has lost in regional finals twice.

Drew lost in the regional finals when he coached for Kentucky (2012) and Duke (2010). He is currently coaching Baylor’s men’s basketball team.

Other Promising Coaches

Any college basketball team would want to have the best coach in the world. But it is careful searching and vetting that determines what kind of coach a team ends up with.

Therefore, colleges should consider the greats named above, along with others such as Bob Huggins, Kelvin Willard, and Anthony Grant.