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Filipino’s “teenage talent” basketball finally passed the college level to the NBA G-League

Kai Sotto, an 18-year-old Filipino basketball talent, has agreed to sign an official deal with the NBA G-League next season.

According to reports confirmed by Shams Charania, popular journalist for The Athletic Newspaper, Kai Sotto, a young talented Filipino basketball player, has officially signed a professional contract with the NBA G-League (NBA League).

With a height of up to 2m18 and superior ball playing capabilities compared to players in Southeast Asia, Kai Sotto has long been regarded by experts as completely capable of joining the NBA if properly established. Way. Way. Coming to the United States from April 2019 and practicing the Skills Academy in Atlanta, it is now time for the young stars of the Philippines to prove themselves.

This is not the first time that Kai Sotto has drawn the interest of experts around the world

Before that, both Spanish basketball giants Real Madrid and Barcelona followed the philippines’ juvenile prodigy. There were details about the Spanish Royal Team promising a salary of $1 million to get Kai Sotto ‘s signature.

At the time, Kai Sotto had to choose between playing basketball in Europe or attending the NCAA (American College Basketball Tournament) before entering the NBA. But with the NBA G-League having changed its recruiting policies over the years, Kai Sotto made his own choices.

Officially signed with the NBA G-League Tournament, Kai Sotto, along with the best talents in the United States such as Jalen Green, Isaiah Todd and Daishen Nix, will take steps to prepare for the journey in the future. All of them will receive a contract of up to six numbers and the number one talent of the United States in 2021, and Jalen Green will receive around $500,000 for a year of competition.

The NBA G-League has also picked up this idea of encouraging high school talent to be hired in order to be able to enter the business world faster. In addition, players can still earn a full scholarship from Arizona State University if they do want a bachelor’s degree later.

Lebron James and the start of legendary

LeBron James has come a long way from a child rejected by his father to the American professional basketball legend.

Tales of how persistent LeBron James was and how he conquered the NBA have been around for more than a decade. In the last 10 matches of the NBA Playoffs, LeBron has played in 9 matches. LeBron has won four NBA titles, four Finals MVP titles and four MVP titles.

LeBron was born and raised on the outskirts of Akron. Immediately after birth, Gloria James ‘s mother had to go back to school immediately, leaving LeBron to her grandma. But when James was 3 years old, his grandma died of a stroke.

In her childhood, Gloria did not want to disappear, which was lacking in the family love of her little boy. That’s why the first guy to name LeBron since winning his fourth career championship with the Lakers was Gloria.

What sets LeBron James apart from other high school stars is the maturity of the gameplay. As a star, but LeBron focuses on passes and he still wants his teammates to join. This has to mention the position of coach John Reed.

He was the one who let LeBron know how to be a real basketball player on the team. LeBron has learned to play all the positions on the court. Thanks to that, he knows both the position and the way to look at the game from all angles. 

Many who have been engaging with him since childhood have known that James has been as great as he is today. 

Despite the challenges and struggles of life, LeBron still sees himself as a champion

In the face of obstacles, LeBron is still hopeful. Instead of being crushed by life ‘s bitter and stinging comments, including Dallas Maverick ‘s shameful loss at the 2011 NBA Finals, LeBron continued to press on. Since he still assumes that he is the king and that he will be the final winner.