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Going back 15 points, OKC Thunder equalized the score with the Rockets

Houston Rockets scored 23 points, but was unable to deter Oklahoma City Thunder from winning Game 4 in the first round of the NBA Playoffs. 

In the 1 round Playoffs, OKC lost the gap to the Rockets but in this match, OKC equalized the score, which surprised a lot of people. Dennis Schroder had the best Playoffs of his career with 30 points, helping Oklahoma City Thunder secure an important win over the Houston Rockets with a score of 117-114 in Game 4 Round 1 of the Playoffs, matching the overall score 2-2. 

OKC Thunder had a deficit of 15 points in the third half and had not yet reclaimed the deficit by the time the fourth half began. However, this situation is a good one for Billy Donovan’s teachers and pupils. They’ve won 17 games this season after they were led in the last half-the largest number of games in the tournament. They used to do the same thing in Game 3, when they were putting the game in extra time. 

Schroder set a personal best of 30 points in the Playoffs

The first half of the match was a really good one as each side scored 60 points. The Houston Rockets had a 47.8 percent throw score, while the Oklahoma City Thunder was just 0.1 per cent behind the rival.

4 noticed the benefit of leading to shift after each step of the game. The two sides retaliated repeatedly, and Thunder led 109-108 before entering the last minute. The turning point of the match was James Harden’s missed pass to Danilo Gallinari, leading to Dennis Shroder’s mid-range attempt with 35 seconds left.

The Rockets’ efforts helped them get two more accurate long shots in the remainder of the game, but Schroder and Chris Paul didn’t make any errors on the free-throw line to win Thunder. Paul scored 28 points in the contest, while Shai Gilgeous-Alexander scored 18 points and 12 rebounds. 

On the other side of the front line, Mike D’Antoni’s teachers and students successfully scored 3 points out of 58 performances, but only allowed 10 free kicks in the game (Thunder threw 28 free kicks). James Harden is nearing triple-double with 32 points, 15 rebounds and 8 assists. Eric Gordon scored 23 points, Danuel House scored 21 points, including the final 3-point shot of the match.

The overweight college player’s fever with an amazing 3-point basketball shot

For Thomas Lee-a senior overweight and founder of the Jackson State Tiger men’s basketball team-life has changed over the last 24 hours.

The overweight athlete Thomas Lee became a sensation in the American media in the American College Basketball (NCAA) basketball match on March 3. Thomas Lee, who entered the match in the final minutes, finished the match with an amazing 3-point shot. 

The throw from the distance “Curry Line”  in favour of Jackson State Tigers which also set the final score 76-56

Thomas Lee, who entered the field for the first time as a player during his years at the Jackson State Tigers, was given the chance in the final two minutes of the game as the home team led Arkansas-Pine Bluff. With a ranking of 73-46. That was also the moment when the spectators in the gym kept shouting for Thomas Lee ‘s name.

Not only in appreciation of friends as well as college, Thomas Lee was also named “Star of the Week” by SWAC . Thomas Lee, from an overweight student in Jackson County, also known as “Snacks-Snacks,” used to be the school football team boss. The nickname above was given to Thomas Lee because he had often appeared with a bag of treats.

Immediately after the video was released, it received more than 2 million views within a few hours and has so far grown to more than 5 million. Thomas Lee ‘s story has gained a lot of coverage from the online world, the public, and has even touched NBA basketball stars like Kevin Durant. 

On his personal Twitter profile, the Brooklyn Nets soccer star has given this overweight man a new nickname as Snipe (short for Sniper-one of the ways to pronounce the soccer field shooters).

For Thomas Lee, it’s obvious that being the target of the media or the online audience is not an issue for this fat man. The most important thing about himself is not to be disappointed and to try to pursue his dream of playing and being able to fulfill it.