News about College Basketball

On this website, you will learn everything there is to know about college basketball. College basketball is one of the most exciting sports both to watch and to bet on.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is currently trying its best to put things in order despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The NBA is still issuing decisions on scheduled events, and has recently allowed training facilities to reopen.

Conditions for Reopening Training Facilities

In this segment, you will learn how, despite the pandemic crisis, the NBA has decided to reopen its training facilities. Some team owners, including Mark Cuba, argue that the move is not safe.

Others, however, agree with the move and are ready to meet all necessary conditions, which include:

  • Regular screening of players to monitor temperatures
  • Disinfection of training facilities
  • Only four players to use facilities one at one time
  • Social distancing to be observed at all times

Tips for Picking Teams to Bet on

In this section, you will learn how most gamblers have their favourite teams, which they always root for. Therefore, if you are a gambler searching for the preferred team to bet on, consider the following:

  • The team’s relative skill level
  • The geographical factors involved
  • Your own personal instinct

Ways of Betting on Upcoming Basketball Games

In this segment, you will learn how basketball is among the most popular games for sports gamblers. Therefore, when you decide to place a bet, it’s imperative to do the following things:

  • Do thorough research on the subject
  • Always bet on the most popular teams